Taraweeh Imam



In Vol.7, Issue 3 of Al-Haadi it was mentioned that it is makrooh tahrimi to appoint a person who shaves his beard as the Imaam for Taraweeh. What if the person has repented?

A person who shaves his beard or trims it to less than a fist length, or one who openly commits major sins, is termed a faasiq (flagrant violator of the Shariah). To appoint a faasiq as the Imaam for any Salaah is makrooh tahrimi. If such a person is nevertheless appointed, the Salaah behind him will be valid and the burden of deficiency in the Salaah of all the followers will be upon those who appointed a faasiq as the Imaam.
However, if the faasiq has made sincere tauba, there is no harm in appointing him as the Imaam (refer Fatawa Mahmoodia - Vol.2, pg.106). Nevertheless, if the sin that the person has repented from was that of shaving the beard, the person should not be appointed as the Imaam until the beard has once again grown to its full natural length or to at least the extent of one fist. If it has become the habit of a person that every year before Ramadhaan he repents and keeps a beard and after Ramadhaan he shaves it off, caution should be exercised in appointing such a person, though one should never question the sincerity of his repentance. That is a matter solely between him and Allah Ta’ala.

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