Rave Interview


Among the recent crazes to ensnare even Muslims is the evil of “Raves.” The following are some excerpts from an interview with a youngster who was deeply involved in the rave scene for more than two years until he finally gained hidayat to forsake this evil. Some aspects are startling and being reproduced here as an eye-opener, especially to parents.
Q. Can you briefly tell us what is this “rave” all about?

A. There are various things involved in rave. One of the things is the music. The music is such that merely by listening to it one can fall into a different state of mind and even into a trance. It is for this reason that the DJ’s are changed every two hours since they have to be alert and fresh to be able to manipulate the sounds create this effect. So the music itself is mind-altering. Then an almost inseparable aspect is drugs. The music already puts the person in an altered state of mind. To enhance that condition rave-goers resort to taking ecstasy.
Q. Who are the patrons of these clubs.

A. People from all walks of life, but mostly young boys and girls. One particular club is patronised by numerous Muslim youngsters.
Q. Are the parents of these youngsters aware where their children are?

A. A few are aware. Most don’t know anything. They believe that their children are at a friend’s house or are gone for a braai, etc. I even know of some girls who used to quietly slip out from the house through windows, etc. after mid-night and come to the club. They have their lifts arranged in advance. They go to the club and return without their parents knowing anything. Some parents are just too gullible. They have no idea that their “angels” are upto really hair-raising things.  It seems that many parents just do not want to know - until everything eventually explodes into the open. Let alone rave clubs, even at places like *** (a popular local ice-cream outlet) and at regular events which take place at the beach, Muslim boys and girls are involved in haraam activities. Rarely does any young person come there merely for ice-cream. There are a lot of serious things going on.

Q. What goes on at a typical rave party?
A. There are very few things that go on — but yet so much. Basically it is music, dancing, drugs, drinking and ... zina. You end up like an animal in there. Your mind gets taken over. You are deceived into thinking that you have become free. In fact you are becoming a slave of drugs and a slave of the barbaric culture of the rave scene.
Q. How did you stop?

A. (What follows is only a summary of the lengthy details of the answer)
The last time I was in the club, it was the early hours of the morning when I suddenly saw something that really scared me. Many of those to whom I mentioned this to say I was hallucinating but I don’t think so. The reason is that a friend who was with me saw exactly what I saw. While I was in the club I suddenly saw this huge white figure which floated - not walked - past me. I then saw it pointing to me in a threatening way. My friend also saw this. At the same time I could hear the base of the music playing an eerie line with the words “... he is the head ... he is the head”  which seemed to me to be a reference to the figure I had seen. I was so scared that I wanted to run out immediately. I felt really eerie and felt from within that I had to get out from here and speak out about this evil. I beckoned to my friend to come with me. I simply wanted to run from there. The whole thing was full of Shaitaani feelings. As we left, at that part of the morning, there were people walking in who were fresh and looking like they has just groomed themselves and arrived. I was later told that these were Satan worshippers. I am convinced that satan worship is at the background of this rave craze. At the time I really felt like I was going to lose my Imaan. I finally ran out and got into my car. I rushed off and came and parked outside the Musjid ... Suddenly I realized this Shaitaani figure had followed me there ... (The rest of the incident has been omitted in the interests of brevity. The conclusion was that he finally got home in a terrible state and many hours later calmed down after his distraught mother forced him to perform salaah).
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