How to Achieve Contentment


Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) has mentioned: “When anyone of you looks at someone who is superior to him in wealth or in good looks, he should also look at someone who is inferior to him in these aspects.”


The Hadith may be explained further by an example: Suppose you come across a millionaire and feel envious of his fortune, saying regretfully to yourself: “This man has been granted abundant wealth, while I have but little money.” Then, at the same time, you should also think of a person who is even poorer than yourself and has often to go without food. If you do so, your regret for your poverty will be replaced by gratefulness to Allah Ta’ala for having saved you from starvation.

      Another Hadith says: “Do not look at those who are superior to you in wealth, but look at those who are inferior to you, that will keep you from belittling those favours that Allah Ta’ala has bestowed upon you” (Mishkaat).

Aun bin Abdullah (R.A.) says that he used to sit in the company with rich people and was always grieving. The reason was that when he saw someone dressed in fine clothes or riding an excellent horse better than his own, he was filled with grief because he felt inferior to other people. Then he began to associate with poor people and this painful feeling of inferiority disappeared, because he saw that his own dress and horse etc. were superior to theirs. (Ihya).

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