Allah Ta’ala created the first human being, Hazrath Adam (A.S.), from sand. This was the beginning of the human species. The Qur’an has declared this in several  places. However, western scientists are still at pains to try and prove that their forefather was an ape. In their quest to fool others into believing the fallacy of evolution, they resort to the most deceptive means. Such is the deception that hundreds of people were walking around with the title of “Doctor” after having submitted a theses on a forgery!!!


Piltdown Man: An Orangutan Jaw and a Human Skull!

A well-known doctor and also an amateur paleoanthropologist, Charles Dawson came out with an assertion that he had found a jawbone and a cranial (skull) fragment in a pit in Piltdown, England in 1912. Eventhough the jawbone was more ape-like, the teeth and skull were like a man’s. These specimens were labelled the “Piltdown Man.” Alleged to be 500 thousand years old, they were displayed as an absolute proof of human evolution in several museums. For more than 40 years, many scientific articles were written on the “Piltdown Man,” many interpretations and drawings were made, and the fossil was presented as an important evidence of human evolution. No less than five hundred doctoral theses were written in the subject.



In 1949, Kenneth Oakley from the British Museum’s paleontology department attempted to try the method of “fluorine testing,” a new test used for determining the date of some old fossils. A trial was made on the fossil of the Piltdown Man. The result was astounding. During the test, it as realised that the jawbone of the Piltdown Man did not contain any fluorine. This indicated that it had remained buried no more than a few years. The skull, which contained only a small amount of fluorine, showed that it was only a few thousand years old.



In the detailed analysis completed by a scientist, this forgery was revealed to the public in 1953. The skull belonged to a 500-year-old man, and the mandibular (lower jaw) bone belonged to a recently dead ape!


Le Gros Clark, who was in the team that disclosed the forgery, could not hide his astonishment at this situation and said that “the evidences of artificial abrasion immediately sprang to the eye. Indeed so obvious did they seem it may well be asked - how was it that they had escaped notice before?” In the wake of all this, “Piltdown Man” was hurriedly removed from the British Museum where it had been displayed for more than 40 years.


(Extracted from “Evolution Deceit” by Harun Yahya)


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