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Ramadan: Laws and Virtues - Page 3


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Abstaining from Sin

Whilst fasting, special importance should be given to abstain from sin. It is stated in a hadith that "the person who does not abstain from evil acts and speaking lies, Allah is not in need of his fast. (Sahih Bukhari)

Backbiting, slandering, arguments, not guarding one's eyes from looking at evil, bad thoughts, shaving or trimming of the beard and allowing one's trouser or garments to cover the ankles. One should abstain from all these types of sins especially in the month of Ramadân. If a person gives due importance to refrain from these sins in the month of Ramadân, then it is hoped that it will become easy for him to refrain from them throughout the year. The objective of fasting is to inculcate the quality of taqwa (piety) as Allah mentions in the Quran: "So that you attain piety." A person refrains from eating and drinking for the sake of Allah for a stipulated time, but how foolish will it not be to refrain from those things which are always harâm (forbidden). 

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