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Ramadan: Laws and Virtues - Page 7


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Sadaqatul fitr

Sadaqatul fitr is wajib on every such Muslim who possesses the nisâb of zakât before the subah sâdiq (true-dawn) of the day of Eid. Whether he had this amount of money for a complete year or not. In fact, if a person possesses more than his basic household needs and its value is equal to the nisâb of zakâh, then upon him also sadaqatul fitr is wajib, while zakât is not wâjib on him. (Marâqiul falâh) A person has to give sadaqatul fitr for himself and on behalf of his immature children (those that have not yet reached the age of puberty). If the children do have the amount of money, then the father will pay it from their money. The wife and bâligh children will give sadaqatul fitr from their own wealth if they posses that amount. It is not wâjib (compulsory) on the husband and father to give on their behalf. However, if a person pays on behalf of his wife or bâligh children after informing them, then it will be regarded as fulfilled. If the wife and bâligh children do not posses that amount, then sadaqatul fitr is not wajib on them nor on their guardians. (Shâmi/Hidâyah)

Amount of Sadaqatul fitr

In accordance to sound and authentic ahâdith, if a person gives wheat for sadaqatul fitr, then half a sâ' is sufficient. This is ascertained from both Tahawi and Tirmidi Shareef (compilations of hadith) and this is the view of the majority of the Hanafi scholars. Half a sâ' in today's time is equivalent to a maximum of 1.7kg. Flour to the same amount is also sufficient. If one wishes to give money in place of wheat or flour, then the value of 1.7kg of wheat flour should be given. For example, if one kilogram of flour costs three rands, then the amount will be 1.7 kg x R3.00 which will total to R5.10. Similarly, if the price of flour is less, then it should be multiplied with the respective amount. The price of that flour should be ascertained which a person uses daily. If he happens to use different types or qualities of flour, then he should ascertain the price of the average quality flour.

This ruling and calculation is in conformance to the view of majority of the scholars of the Indo-Pak Subcontinent. This is also the view of, interalia, Mufti Muhammed Shafi Sâheb rahmatullah alaih - Grand Mufti of Pakistan and Moulânâ Abrarul Haq Sâheb damat barakatuhum of Hardoi.

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