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Summary of the Welcome to Ramadaan Programme (Part1)


Preparation for Ramadaan


Before any event, preparations are made. In proportion to the event are the preparations. If it is a small event, then perhaps the preparations will commence a few days before and it will involve a few individuals. If it is a worldwide event, then preparations will commence weeks, rather months in advance and will involve many people. 

Likewise, we will witness, if Allah Ta’ala wills, such a grand, magnificent event that preparations have commenced for it an entire year in advance. Jannah is prepared and beautified by Allah Ta’ala the entire year for the moment when its doors will be flung open on the first night of Ramadaan. Such a great month that leave alone man, the entire creation of Allah Ta’ala is mobilised for it. The fish in the ocean make dua for the fasting person (Musnad Ahmad). The angels in the heaven make dua for their forgiveness. 

Precisely for this reason, Nabi (salallahu `alahi wasallam) declared this month as `azeem (great) mubaarak (blessed) (Ibnu Khuzaymah). It is a month in which Allah Ta’ala engulfs His creation in His rahmah. The excellence of this month has been encapsulated in the following words of Rasulullah (sallallahu `alahi wasallam) as reported by Abu Masood (radiyallahu `anhu): “Had my Ummah only knew the true value of Ramadaan, they would have desired that the entire year be Ramadaan” (Ibn Khuzaymah). 

Nabi (sallallahu `alahi wasallam) would make dua to be allowed to witness the month of Ramadaan from the time the crescent of Rajab would be sighted. "O Allah! Bless us in Rajab and Sha`baan and allow us to witness the month of Ramadaan" (Tabarani). He (salallahu `alahi wasallam) would also make the following dua: "O Allah! Safeguard me for the month of Ramadaan and guard the month of Ramadaan for me (that I attain the maximum blessings of this month)" (Tabarani). Imaam Suyuti (Rahimahullah), a renowned Shafi` scholar narrates in Ad Durrul Manthoor from Mu`alla bin Fadhl: The pious people of the past would begin making dua to witness the month of Ramadaan six months in advance! 

What can we do in preparation for Ramadaan?

Firstly, fulfil all obligations that are outstanding towards people whether it be of a monetary nature or anything else.
Secondly, try and programme ourselves in such a way that we have minimum work in Ramadaan and maximum time to dedicate to Allah Ta’ala.
Thirdly, draw up for ourselves a programme, deciding how we will utilise our time fruitfully during the Mubarak month of mercy.
Lastly, try and increase our time spent in the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala so that we are ready to receive this great month.
May Allah Ta’ala grant us the best of this month and shower us with his mercy and forgiveness. Aameen.

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