Environmental Pollution


Monday, 05 December 2016 16:01

According to scientists, environmental pollution is among the most serious problems facing humanity today. This is especially significant since the adverse effect of environmental pollution affects people directly, yet they often do not even realize it. For example, people breathe air that is heavily polluted with nitrogen dioxide given off by cars, planes and factories which causes severe respiratory problems. Yet while breathing it, they do not realize what harm they have caused to themselves. If the exposure to the pollution was minimal, over time the immune system will clear the body of the harmful effects of the pollution. However, if the exposure is excessive, it may overpower the immune system or even kill it, eventually resulting in one’s death.

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All Serving Us


Monday, 21 November 2016 15:37

The sky is commanded to bring down the rains. The ground is commanded to bring forth the crops, the fruit and the flowers. The bees are inspired to move from tree to tree producing honey for you and me. The cows are grazing from pasture to pasture in order to provide us fresh milk. The sheep and chickens are prepared to lay down their lives for us. The entire system of the world is in place to serve us. We have been created to serve one Allah Ta‘ala.

A dog is prepared to sacrifice its life just for its master, a master who provides it some leftover food. The moment it sees its master, it is at the feet of the master, wagging its tail and awaiting the master’s instruction. As human beings, we are the noblest of all creation, blessed with the gift of intelligence and showered with unlimited bounties. When a dog is so grateful and loyal to its master for the leftover food it is given, how much more grateful and obedient should we be to our one Allah Ta‘ala who blessed us with everything. Our intelligence demands that we recognize our bountiful Allah Ta‘ala and in turn we become thankful and obedient servants of Allah Ta‘ala.




Monday, 07 November 2016 10:06

The abode of eternal bliss, where no pain or suffering will ever be experienced is Jannah (paradise). Jahannum (hell) is a place of non-stop punishment. This world is a mixture of pleasure and pain, happiness and grief, health and sickness and generally all types of “ups” and “downs”. Every person in this world experiences problems and difficulties. Some difficulties come as a test from Allah Ta‘ala, such as the difficulties that come upon the pious. Other problems and hardships are the result of sins.

The solution to all problems is to turn sincerely to Allah Ta‘ala. Irrespective of the nature of the problem, whether it be a financial crisis, a domestic dispute, illness, being afflicted by any jinn or whatever other problem there may be, the solution lies ONLY in drawing the help of Allah Ta‘ala. Therefore, while adopting sabr (patience) do the following:

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Darkness in Words


Monday, 24 October 2016 14:27

The mind and heart of an author is in his words. With his words he captures the minds and hearts of the innocent readers. The written words of a sinner or disbeliever are full of darkness. Each word of his book that we do read fills our heart and mind with darkness. With time we begin to think and desire just as a sinner or disbeliever would.

Hours are spent in reading novels and magazines with full passion and joy. However, a few pages of the Quraan Majeed or some zikr and du‘aa seem to be a burden on the heart. This is a very sad reflection of the condition of our hearts. At the time of death, that which is in our heart will determine how we leave this world. We need to simply fill our hearts with the light of good deeds. 


Free Time Thermometer


Wednesday, 28 September 2016 15:28

Generally what one does in one’s free time is that which one truly loves. Whatever one loves has a special place deep down in one’s heart. What is in one’s heart surfaces at the time of death. Whenever one has free time, does one’s mind immediately go towards playing some sport, reading a novel, surfing the internet or going shopping? Or does ones mind go towards reciting the Quraan Majeed, making zikr, du‘aa, etc.?

Our free time gives us the indication of what is in our hearts. Our hearts will speak at the time of our death. The next time we are blessed with some free time and we wish to engage in any action, we should ask ourselves, “Would I like to die doing such an action?” 


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