Words of Wisdom


Hazrath Luqman (A.S.), who was given the title of Hakeem (the Wise), used to work in an orchard. Once his master came to the orchard and asked for a cucumber. When the cucumber was brought, peeled and sliced, the master gave the first piece to Hazrath Luqman (A. S.) to eat. He placed it in his mouth and began eating it with great relish. When the master observed the degree of relish with which Hazrath Luqman (A.S.) ate the cucumber, he assumed that it must be very tasty. Hence he also put a piece into his mouth. 
To his horror he found the cucumber to be extremely bitter. He immediately spat it out and asked in astonishment: “O luqman, how can you eat such a bitter cucumber with such relish?” Hazrath Luqman (A.S.) replied: “The cucumber is indeed bitter. However I thought that if the hand that has already given me countless sweet things gives me one bitter thing, how ungrateful it would be of me to complain about it!!!”

Hazrath Luqman (A.S.) also passed on many gems of advice to his son. Among them he said:

* Son, the world is a very deep sea in which many people have drowned. If you make taqwa (piety) your boat in this sea, fill it with Imaan and make tawakkul (trust in Allah Ta’ala) its sails, you will be saved. Otherwise you will also drown.

* A father disciplining his son (for the sake of his proper nurturing) is like placing fertiliser in the field (which helps to grow healthy crops).

* Son, refrain from debts since debts are the means of disgrace in the day and worry at night

* Son, the radiance from the face of a liar is snatched away, a person with poor character will grieve much and it is easier to move rocks than to explain to a fool.

* To sacrifice one’s respect in the obedience of Allah Ta’ala brings one closer to Allah Ta’ala. On the contrary, to attempt to acquire respect by disobeying Allah Ta’ala distances one from Him (thus leading to disgrace in this world and the Hereafter).
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