Helping the Destitute


Abdullah bin Mubaarak (R.A), the Ustaad of Imaam Bukhari (R.A), used to perform haj one year and go for jihad the other year. He relates: Once when it was my year for haj, I took five hundred dinars and left for Makkah. At Kufa I stopped and went to the camel market with the intention of buying a camel. On the other side I saw a dead duck. A woman was sitting there. She picked up the duck and started cleaning it by plucking its feathers. Seeing this I approached her and asked her: "What are you doing dear woman?"


She replied: "Why do you enquire about such things which do not concern you ?" This set me thinking. However I insisted on an answer. Then she said: "Your persistence has forced me to open my heart. I am a lady from among the Sayyids – the family of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam - I have four young daughters whose father passed away. This is now the fourth day that we have not even tasted a thing and in such dire need are we that the eating of dead animals has become permissible. I am taking this dead duck to feed my daughters."




Abdullah bin Mubaarak (R.A.) says, her story filled me with sorrow. I told her to stretch fourth her hand and in it I placed the five hundred dinars. She took it and went home. I postponed my intention for haj and returned home. After haj I was so amazed that whenever I met any of the returning hujjaaj and wished them a "haj maqbool" they would wish me the same. Then, when I said anything further, they would remind me about having met me at such and such place. I could not understand this. That night I saw a dream, wherein Rasulullah r said to me: "O son of Mubaarak, there is no need to be astonished. You have assisted a distressed one from among my children, whereupon I begged of Allah to appoint one such angel to perform haj in your form and on your behalf until Qiyaamah and now you have a choice. You may perform haj or you may leave it." (Rushfa) 

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