The great Khalifah of his time, Hazrath Umar bin Abdul Aziz (R.A.), had dispatched Mansoor bin Ghalib to fight the armies of the enemy. Umar bin Abdul Aziz (R.A.) on that occasion wrote the following advice to him:

“Adopt Taqwa (fear of Allah) in every condition since Taqwa is the best provision, the most effective strategy and true power. Amirul Mu’mineen commands you that you and your companions must fear the disobedience of Allah Ta’ala more than you fear the enemy. Sins are more dangerous for a person than his enemy. The enemy overcomes one due to one’s sins. If we are sinners like our enemy, the enemy will prove to be superior in strength and numbers. Do not guard yourself against any enemy more than you guard yourself against sins. Do not be concerned about anything more than your sins”

(Ta’meere Hayaat).





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