Sports and Vice


Saturday, 28 June 2014 10:44

sportsDrinking, lewd behaviour and other vices are closely linked to modern-day sports, especially professional sports. Drunken fans are an extremely common sight. According to a newspaper report, on the night before the world cup started, fans in France packed every place “that sold alcohol” (Daily News - 10/06/98). What else can really be expected from the kuffaar hordes? However, many Muslims, by constant association with the drinking mobs at sporting venues have fallen into this vice. Players from Muslim countries have also disgraced themselves and embarrassed Muslims in general with their totally un-Islamic conduct. Yet Muslims cheer the very people who have let Islam down.

Again, it is sporting events which streakers (people who dash around stark naked in public) choose to insult even basic human values. If at just one event one’s child is exposed to such animal behaviour, the ill-effects will last a lifetime. Can a true Muslim ever risk such a situation?

Depraved sexual tendencies also seem to find a special home in sporting circles. More than fifty gay and lesbian tennis clubs in the U.S. have been listed in a posting to the internet. Many sports stars have themselves declared their sexual depravity. Youth who idolise these stars are at risk of following in their footsteps all the way.

When sports has degenerated to these despicable levels, the only honourable thing to do . . . is to have nothing to do with it.