Insulting Islam


One’s honour has no price. People would spend all they have to protect their honour and the honour of their families. The one who attempts to taint their honour will be repulsed in every possible manner. Alas, it is only the forlorn Deen of Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) that receives negligible help when it is insulted. Sports in particular seems to be at the forefront of insulting Islam.


Not long ago, Nike Incorporated apologised in the face of severe protest for putting the name of Allah  on sports shoes. First they put the name of Allah on a shoe so that it will be trampled and soiled. Then they conveniently found thekalima on the Saudi flag and printed it on footballs. The footballs were manufactured by A.G. Enterprises of India and were on sale in London. First the name of Allah was being trampled. Now thekalima is being kicked around — all in the name of sport. It is naive to think that these occurences are mere coincidences. Even before the shoe affair, Nike had once erected a billboard which depicted a basketball player. The picture was headlined with the words “They called him Allah.” Again, all in the name of sport. Yet Muslims still feel proud to be associated with Nike and its products. They still find some “enjoyment” in the futile sports that is used as a ready tool to insult Islam.


The participation of Muslims in the world cup has led to further desecration of the Kalima. As a result of Saudi Arabia’s participation, their flag has been regularly appearing in our local newspapers as well as newspapers all over the world. The flag depicts thekalima of Islam. Millions of these newspapers will be in the hands of non-Muslims. One can barely imagine the extent to which the Kalima will be dishonoured. It will be thrown around, trampled upon, become the wrapping for things unimaginable and a host of other such aspects. But, alas, participation in the world cup must go on inspite of the desecration of theKalima! Thus in the name of the world cup the Kalima is dishonoured, but Muslims are still glued to the world cup. Do we care for the honour of the Kalima and for the honour of Islam???

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