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Refrain from Forbidden Wealth, Restrain Yourself from even Doubtful Wealth

Hadhrat Moulana (Rahmatullahi Alayh) was sharing with his family the summary of his study of history and explaining the factors which are the root cause of the rise and fall of families and communities. The lesson he was imparting was nevertheless ingrained in him from his childhood. This can be gauged from the following incident. Hadhrat Moulana (Rahmatullahi Alayh) explains: “When I was a little child, we had a maid who took care of me as well. She used to seat me in her lap and feed me. One day during an errand she took me along. On the way she passed by a house where some food was being served which was actually an offering made on the third day after the passing away of some person. Being a very poor woman she sat there to partake of the food. I was a little child and hence I also extended my hand to partake of the meal. She immediately held back my hand saying: “You do not eat this. This is not for you.” (The food of offerings on graves and in the name of saints, etc., is impermissible.)

Subhanallah! This was the calibre of even the maid of that time. This reaction is also evidence of the degree of caution that was generally exercised with regard to halaal and haraam by every person in his family, that even the maid was so conscious of it. Despite Hadhrat Moulana (Rahmatullahi Alayh) only being a child at that time, she still protected him from the doubtful food. Nowadays, doubtful food is consumed without any concern while an effort is even made to make the unlawful into lawful!!!

When the type of caution and restraint with regard to halaal described above was the norm, righteousness and piety prevailed in the society. The direct link between righteousness and pure sustenance is understood clearly from the Qur’aan, where Allah Ta`ala says: “O Messengers, eat from the pure sustenance and perform righteous actions.” The consumption of doubtful or haraam wealth will have the opposite effect. History also bears testimony, as Hadhrat Moulana explained that, the consumption of doubtful and haraam was a major contributing factor to the destruction of great families.

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