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Following One Imaam Only

Another point that often comes up is the following: Why is it necessary to follow one Imaam only? Why can one not follow a certain Imaam in one aspect and another Imaam in another aspect? The simple answer to this is: On what basis will one pick and choose, especially since one does not have the knowledge required to derive the laws. Thus one will not be in a position to evaluate the deductions of each Imaam. Hence it will obviously be on the basis of what suits one. This is nothing but following one's desires — regarding which Allah Ta'ala has issued severe warnings in the Qur'an. Following one's desires sometimes even leads a person to kufr. Thus great jurists of latter times, among them Shah Waliullah (R.A.), have reaffirmed that it is wajib for the masses to follow one Imaam only.


Authenticity of Hadith

Here one more point needs clarification with regards to the authenticity of Ahadith. The general masses are made to believe that a Hadith is only authentic if it is related in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. This is a misconception. The authenticity of the Hadith is based on its chain of narrators, irrespective of whether it appears in any one of the Sihah Sitta (the famous six authentic compilations of Hadith) or in any other compilation besides these. Imaam Muslim has written in his muqqadama (introduction to Sahih Muslim) that he has not recorded every authentic Hadith in his Sahih. Actually, according to Imaam Bukhari and imaam Muslim, there are more authentic Ahadith which are not recorded in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim than the number of narrations contained in these two books. The Hanafi madhhab is derived directly from the Qur'an and Hadith, like all the other madhhabs. However, to truly appreciate the conformity of the Hanafi madhhab with the Hadith,Hadith: (1) Sharah Ma'anil Aathaar (2) Aljawharan Naqi (3) Nasbur Raayah (4) I'la as-Sunan (5) Bazlul Majhood (6) Fathul Mulhim (7) Awjazul MasaalikAathaarus Sunan, etc. one will have to undertake a thorough study of the following books of (8)


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