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A Beautiful Response to Abusive Insults


Monday, 18 February 2013 06:44

A man once verbally abused Abu Zar Ghifaari (radhiyallahu anhu) the illustrious Sahaabi of Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam), he replied to the man’s insult with the following words: “Brother! There is a steep and rocky road between me and Jannah. If I pass through safely, then your insult means nothing to me. But on the contrary, if I fail to cross that path and hence I am prevented from reaching Jannah then indeed I am worthy of insults much worse than what you have mentioned.” (Nafhatul-Arab Pg.13)

Lesson: Those who are conscious of the reality of this world and are focused towards their real destination, i.e. the Hereafter, they are not distracted by petty issues. Thus they easily dismiss the silly insults of people and happily continue on their journey towards the Aakhirah.

On the contrary if a person does not focus on his destination, or if one is consumed by his ego, such a person will be deeply affected by every little comment.

Therefore ignore the side issues. Keep your gaze on the way ahead and insha-Allah you will stay happy.


Bravery, An outcome of Piety


Friday, 01 February 2013 09:49

Abu Ali Ruzabari mentions: “The sole reason for my visiting the land of Egypt was to meet a pious man by the name of Bunaan Al-Hammaal. It was famous regarding him that he was once thrown to be devoured by lions but was not harmed by them at all.” 

The incident is as follows: Bunaan Al Hammaal (rahimahullah) once approached the king of Egypt, Ibnu Tooloon, and advised him to rectify some aspects. Ibnu Tooloon was angered at this. Hence he issued the command that Bunaan be thrown to the lions. When he was thrown into the enclosure, the lions ran towards him but then began to merely sniff around him like a cat. They did not harm him at all. Upon observing this unique behaviour of the lions with him, Ibnu Tooloon released him. Someone asked him: “What was the state of your mind when those huge beasts were around you, sniffing at your body?” He replied: “I began to recall the different views the Ulama hold as to whether the saliva of predatory animals are pure or impure?” (Risaalatul Mustarshideen Pg.98)

Lesson: Those whose hearts are brimming with piety and the love of Allah Ta’ala, do not get over awed by situations. Their focus is constantly on the “hand” and not on the “stick.”


You will be Counted amongst those whom you are Inclined to!


Wednesday, 09 January 2013 10:11

Nabi Loot (alaihis salaam) was amongst those personalities who were divinely selected to receive prophethood and guide their nations to Allah Ta’ala. He was sent to a people who had become void of all natural and instinctive tendencies. They refused to take heed to the repeated calls of guidance given to them by Nabi Loot (alaihis salaam) and their depraved behaviour was worse than that of even animals. They became inhuman, losing all moral values. Nabi Loot (alaihis salaam) continued to advise them for a long time. Eventually when they transgressed all limits, they “invited” such a punishment which was to be as severe as their crime.

Hence Nabi Loot (alaihis salaam) was instructed to leave his village along with his family members after nightfall, for by morning a severe punishment was to befall them. They were all commanded not to look back even once when the punishment has commenced, so as not to show any pity or inclination towards the evildoers. Everyone complied with this command, except his wife. As soon as the punishment commenced and she began to hear the painful cries of her people, she turned around and exclaimed with grief and sorrow: “O my People!” Hence she was also destroyed along with the others in that very punishment. (Roohul Ma’aani vol. 6, pg. 306)

Lesson: If merely being inclined to those who are sinful is such a severe act, what will be the effect and result of casually associating with people involved in sin? This brings destruction in this world and the next. 

Indeed, one should pity the sinful in that they are heading towards hell. Hence one should make du’aa for them and make an effort to bring them onto the right path.


A Believer’s Mindset at the Time of Fitnah


Thursday, 27 December 2012 07:15

Nabi Yusha’ (alaihis salaam) once received revelation that one hundred thousand people from his nation will be destroyed in a punishment to befall them. The strange thing was that sixty thousand of them were sinners and transgressors, whereas the remainder forty thousand were outwardly pious people. In astonishment Yusha’ (alaihis salaam) asked: “O Allah, what crime did the pious ones commit?” Allah Ta’ala replied: “They freely associated and interacted with the evil doers and did not express any type of anger or aversion for the wrongs taking place around them.” (Al-Bahrul Muheet vol. 3 pg. 533)

Lesson: Though one will not hate the sinner, one MUST hate the sin. If the situation is such that one cannot stop the wrong, one must feel the deep hate and aversion for the wrong that is taking place. He should also express this in an appropriate way – the least is to disassociate from the people involved and the place of sin.


“Festive Greetings”??


Thursday, 20 December 2012 15:37

A great scholar of Makkah Mukarramah, Shaikh Dahhaan, related the following thought provoking incident: 

A learned man who lived in Makkah Mukarramah passed away. Sometime later, his grave was re-dug to bury another person. To the utter amazement of those present, there lay in his grave the body of a beautiful European looking girl. Coincidently, there was a man from Europe among the crowd who identified this girl. He said, “This girl is from France and the daughter of a Christian. She had accepted Islam secretly and studied some deeni books from me. All of a sudden she fell ill and passed away.” 

Half the mystery was solved, that her body was moved to the blessed land of Makkah Mukarramah since she was a pious Muslim girl. Now the question remained, “Where is the body of the learned man?”

They said to the Muslim from Europe, “Please dig the grave of this girl on your return and see if the body of the learned man is there?” 

 When he returned, he explained the entire episode to the girl’s parents. They were extremely surprised and eventually decided to dig her grave. When the grave was dug the body of the girl was nowhere to be seen. In it’s place lay the decomposing rotten body of the learned man who was buried in Makkah Mukarramah. 

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