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Just one glance!


Sunday, 02 October 2011 00:00

There was once a muslim soldier who participated in many military campaigns against the Romans. On one particular campaign when the mujahiddeen had surrounded a roman city his gaze fell upon a woman in a fortress. He was infatuated by her beauty and sent her a message, asking how he could reach her. She replied, “You must accept Christianity and come up to me in the fortress.”

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The hand that Gives is better than the hand that Receives


Friday, 23 September 2011 00:00

Once Ibrahim bin Adham rahmatullahi alaih met Shaqeeeq Balkhi rahmatullahi alaih in Makkah Mukarramah and asked: “What made you devote all your time to the worship of Allah Ta’ala?” Shaqeeq rahmatullahi alaih replied: “I was once walking through a hot desert when I noticed a bird whose wings were broken off. I decided to wait and see how it would obtain food. I sat close by and watched carefully. After some time, another bird arrived and placed a locust into the mouth of the bird that could not fly. This made me ponder. The Being who sent a healthy bird in a dry desert land, is more than able to provide me with sustenance wherever I may be. I then left all forms of earning and devoted myself to worship.”

After hearing the story, Ibrahim bin adham rahmatullahi alaih asked: “O Shaqeeq, why did you not choose to become like the healthy bird? That would have been the better of the two options. Did you not hear the hadith of Nabi sallallahu alaih wasallam?

“The upper hand (the giving hand) is better than the lower hand (the receiving hand).”

It is the sign of a Believer that he strives for the best in all matters in order to reach the status of the pious servants of Allah Ta’ala.

Shaqeeq Balkhi rahmatullahi alaih attentively heard the advice and then grasped the hand of Ibrahim bin Adham rahmatullahi alaih saying: “You are our teacher!”    (Taareekhe Dimishk pg: 135. Vol: 23)

Guidance through Respect


Monday, 25 July 2011 00:00

There was once a fire-worshipper who noticed his son eating during the month of Ramadhaan in the presence of the Muslims. He was infuriated and reprimanded his son, “How could you destroy the sanctity of the Muslims during the month of Ramadhaan?”

After his death, a scholar from the neighbourhood saw him in a dream enjoying from the bounties of Jannat. He was quite surprised and asked: “Were you not a fire-worshipper?”
The man replied: “Yes, I was. However, as I was about to pass away Allah Ta`ala granted me the good fortune of accepting Islam due to the respect I showed for the month of Ramadhaan.” (Nuzhat-ul-Majaalis, p. 201) 

Lesson: Respect for the distinguishing features and symbols of Islam draws Allah Ta`ala’s special mercy and guidance.


Service to One’s Mother


Thursday, 07 July 2011 00:00

Hadith: Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said, “Do not curse fever, for it removes the sins of man just as a furnace removes rust from iron.” (Saheeh Muslim)

 Advice: Service to one’s mother

Hadhrat Muhammad bin Munkadir (rahmatullahi alaih) was a famous taabi`ee and from amongst the distinguished narrators of Hadeeth. He relates that once for the duration of the entire night I continued massaging the feet of my mother whilst my brother, Abu Bakr bin Munkadir (rahmatullahi alaih) was engaged in nafl Salaah throughout the night. However, I would not exchange the smallest bit of my night of service for the night of nafl worship. (Al-Mabsoot lis-Sarakhsi, vol. 10, p. 149)


A Muslim in Difficulty


Thursday, 30 June 2011 08:46

Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “A Muslim who experiences any hardship, discomfort, worry, sorrow, grief, and distress even if it be a thorn prick, Allah Ta`ala will make that an atonement for his sins.”  (Bukhari/Muslim)

Advice: “Man’s Purpose of Creation”

The creation of man in this world is only for the purpose of acquiring a realization of Allah Ta`ala, and all other creation is for the sake of man. As a Persian poet says:

“The clouds, the winds, the moon, the sun and the sky are constantly at work, So that you earn your living and do not eat in forgetfulness, The entire creation is involved in working for you obediently, The law of justice will not be fulfilled if you fail to obey Allah Ta`ala.”

So man should learn a lesson from their punctuality and obedience in their functions of rendering service to him. Sometimes as a warning, temporary changes are caused in their functions by Allah Ta`ala. There is no rain when it should rain or no wind blows when it should blow. Similar changes are brought in the moon and the sun through their eclipse. In short, everything is subject to some change for admonishing those who neglect their duty to their creator. How astonishing indeed that all these things be made subservient to fulfill man’s needs, yet their obedience does not lead man towards his own submission to his creator.


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