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Fight Fire with Fire


Tuesday, 18 August 2015 15:16

There was once a youth who went out in the search of knowledge. He packed his bags, bade his dear parents farewell, and began travelling far and wide. After a long period had passed, he eventually took a liking to a small village and chose to settle down there. The people of the village soon got to meet and interact with him and he made such an impression, that before long the entire town was abuzz with the news of the newcomer who had “proverbial piety” and “impeccable manners”. The acts of service he was ever-ready to render for one-and-all and his praiseworthy character were soon the talk of the town.

Now it so happened that in that very town there was a young teenage girl of exceptional beauty. With the entire town now fixated on only one topic – the pious youth, she found herself hearing so much about him that she was slowly attracted to the idea of this youngster and before long was yearning to see what he looked like. She therefore made it a point to stealthily glimpse at him whenever she got the chance. These glances, however fleeting they may have been, soon penetrated to the depths of her heart and she was now longing to meet him and speak to him. How she wished she could profess to him that the seed of his undying love had been planted in her heart and was growing day by day! The poor girl was so overcome by her infatuation that she began plotting ways to lure her beloved into a circumstance of her design whereby she’d finally get her wish.

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The Key for Every Lock


Tuesday, 04 August 2015 14:27

A woman in distress once came to the renowned student of Imaam Ahmad bin Hambal (rahimahullah), Baqiyy bin Makhlad (rahimahullah), and begged him for help. She cried to him saying, “My beloved son has been taken prisoner by the Romans. My grief at his loss and yearning to meet him is such that I am unable to sleep for even a moment of the entire night. All I possess is my small home and I can find nobody to purchase it from me. Will you please find someone who will pay my son’s ransom? Days and nights have passed and I can find no solace, no peace and no happiness.”

Baqiyy (rahimahullah) replied, “You may return home. I will try to see to your problem insha-Allah.” Saying this he lowered his head and began making earnest du‘aa to Allah Ta‘ala for the freedom of the son. Just a few days had passed when the woman came back to Baqiyy (rahimahullah) – this time with her son! She made du‘aa for Baqiyy (rahimahullah) and said to him, “Listen to his story, may Allah Ta‘ala have mercy on you.”

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In the Dark of the Night


Tuesday, 19 May 2015 15:18

When Zainul ‘Aabideen (rahimahullah) passed away, the people carrying out his ghusal saw that he had scars all over his back. They enquired as to what was the reason for that. They were told that he used to fill bags of flour, load it on his back at night, and personally hand it out to the poor residents of Madeenah Munawwarah. (Hilyatul Awliyaa vol. 3, pg. 160)


1. While the sinners wait anxiously for the night so that they may go ahead in fulfilling their evil desires and filthy aspirations, the pious servants of Allah Ta‘ala make the maximum of this ‘cover’ in doing good actions only for His pleasure.

2. Bringing ease and happiness to the servants of Allah Ta‘ala is an extremely meritorious act. After one’s demise, these very people continuously remember one and make du‘aa in his favor.

3. Actions receive their value in the sight of Allah Ta‘ala in proportion to the level of sincerity with which they were carried out. It is not the quantity of the optional actions, rather the quality which counts. 


Shhh! It’s Azaan Time


Wednesday, 06 May 2015 10:26

Once, a person saw Zubaidah, the wife of Haroon Ar-Rasheed in a dream sitting on a beautifully decorated throne. He asked her, “How did you achieve such a high rank?” She replied, “Once while I was seated with my friends and associates, relaxing and chatting away, I suddenly heard the muazzin call out the azaan. As soon as I heard the azaan, out of respect and honour for Allah Ta‘ala, I told the ladies around me to be quiet until the azaan is called out. It was due to this act that Allah Ta‘ala blessed me with such a lofty rank.” (Al-Ishaaraat fi ‘Ilmil ‘Ibaraat – Salafe Saaliheen ke Imaan afroz Waaqi‘aat pg. 61)

Lesson: Showing respect to the symbols of Allah Ta‘ala is an extremely important aspect of our deen. Many people earned their Jannah on account of respecting such aspects. Let us give due respect to the azaan, the Quraan Majeed and anything relating to deen. It would be tragic if the azaan is being called out, the Quraan Majeed is being recited, or some talk of deen is being delivered and we disregard it.

The same applies if it is played on a radio or a recording. Instead of leaving it switched on without paying full attention, we should rather listen for a little while with full attention, then switch it off and continue with our tasks.


The Aakhirah is a Reality


Tuesday, 21 April 2015 15:22

Once ‘Abdullah bin Rawaahah (radhiyallahu ‘anhu) was resting with his head on his wife’s lap. Suddenly he began crying. Seeing this, his wife also began to cry. When he asked her the reason for crying, she replied, “When I saw the manner in which you were crying, it made me cry as well.” ‘Abdullah bin Rawaahah (radhiyallahu ‘anhu) explained the reason for his crying saying, “I remembered the verse: ‘There is none among you except that he will come to it (Jahannam)’ and I do not know whether I will be granted salvation from the fire or not.” (Tafseer Ibni Katheer vol. 3, pg. 136)

Lesson: The Sahaabah (radhiyallahu ‘anhum) had such conviction in the verses of the Quraan Majeed and the occurrences of the Hereafter, that it made them cry even in their moments of pleasure. On the other hand, we have become so oblivious of the realities after death, that we fantasize the worst of things even when our heads are in prostration before our Beloved Creator. We need to enhance our conviction in the Hereafter to such an extent that it becomes a reality before our eyes.


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