‘Abdur Rahmaan bin Ebrahim Fihri (rahimahullah) reports:

There was once a man who came to a governor to ask for his help. However, when he arrived at the governor’s house, he was surprised to find him in sajdah, imploring Allah Ta‘ala in du‘aa. On seeing the powerful governor begging Allah Ta‘ala, he remarked, “When this man requires someone else for assistance, then how can I turn to him for assistance? Why do I not present my needs before the One besides whom no one else can fulfil my needs.”

It so happened that the governor overheard his remark. Hence, when he lifted his head (from sajdah), he instructed his attendants, “Bring the man to me.” When the man was brought into his presence, he instructed, “Give him ten thousand.” He then addressed the man and said, “That Being alone gave this to you whom I was imploring in sajdah, and to whom you resorted and returned.”

Sulaimaan bin Ayyoob (rahimahullah) reports:

There was once a man who fell into a well without anyone being aware of his whereabouts. When he saw that he had no means to escape the well, he raised his head to the sky and made the following du‘aa, “O that Being, from whose throne to the lowest earth, and throughout the most vast oceans there is no other deity, You can see my predicament, so make a way for me to escape this difficulty.” (As soon as he made this du‘aa, Allah Ta‘ala assisted him, and) he suddenly found himself on the surface, out of the well.

(‘Uyoonul Hikaayaat pg. 435)


1. This world is a place of means, however the means can only be effective if Allah Ta‘ala allows it to be effective. Hence, before turning to the means, we must perform two rakaats of salaah and turn to Allah Ta‘ala in du‘aa. It should never be that we turn to Allah Ta‘ala last, after exhausting every means and avenue. For example, when one is ill, then before taking medication, he should make du‘aa to Allah Ta‘ala for cure, and should bear in mind that ONLY Allah Ta‘ala can make the medication produce the desired effect.

2. Just as Allah Ta‘ala can assist one through the means, as in the first incident, where Allah Ta‘ala gave the man money via the governor, Allah Ta‘ala can also assist without means. Hence, in the second incident, even though there was no physical means available for his escape, Allah Ta‘ala assisted him and removed him from the well. Thus, we should never despair of the mercy of Allah Ta‘ala – even if the entire world gives up and tells us that there is no hope for us.

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