There was a man whose neighbour had a rooster that never stopped crowing. This annoyed him, so one day he sent his servant to purchase the rooster, slaughter it and prepare it for lunch. In the meantime he invited his friends to join him for the meal. As they sat and waited for the meals to be served, the man mentioned to his friends the disturbance the rooster had caused him and now how much of peace he was enjoying. Just then the servant came in with the food. He explained to the master that the neighbor refused to sell the rooster, so he bought one from the market. It was only at this point that the man realized, the rooster was still crowing in the background.

In this example it is evident that the rooster was not the actual cause of his annoyance. There was some inner turmoil and the mind chose to blame the innocent rooster. We too in daily choose soft targets to vent our anger on. This does not solve any of our problems. Rather it only increases our grief and agony.