Knowledge and books alone have not made any nation or changed any nation. People make people; books do not make a man. For instance if the Quraan Majeed, the noble book of Allah Ta’ala which contains the entire code of life for a Muslim, is taught to one by a Jew or a Christian, then the effect of the Quraan Majeed will not fall on one. Instead the effect of the Jewish or Christian teacher will fall on one. From this it is apparent to us that the actual teacher of mankind is man himself and books serve as the means to attain knowledge. Today we hope to become the best of Muslims by being content on books and websites alone. Many people, who set out to study Islam on their own, started off with the sincere intention of rectifying themselves. However, they soon started trying to “rectify Islam” due to their ignorance. Therefore we will always be in need of the guidance of our pious Ulama in studying Deen and serving Deen.