Abu Ali Ruzabari mentions: “The sole reason for my visiting the land of Egypt was to meet a pious man by the name of Bunaan Al-Hammaal. It was famous regarding him that he was once thrown to be devoured by lions but was not harmed by them at all.”

The incident is as follows: Bunaan Al Hammaal (rahimahullah) once approached the king of Egypt, Ibnu Tooloon, and advised him to rectify some aspects. Ibnu Tooloon was angered at this. Hence he issued the command that Bunaan be thrown to the lions. When he was thrown into the enclosure, the lions ran towards him but then began to merely sniff around him like a cat. They did not harm him at all. Upon observing this unique behaviour of the lions with him, Ibnu Tooloon released him. Someone asked him: “What was the state of your mind when those huge beasts were around you, sniffing at your body?” He replied: “I began to recall the different views the Ulama hold as to whether the saliva of predatory animals are pure or impure?” (Risaalatul Mustarshideen Pg.98)

Lesson: Those whose hearts are brimming with piety and the love of Allah Ta’ala, do not get over awed by situations. Their focus is constantly on the “hand” and not on the “stick.”