A man whose occupation was to transport people on his mule says: “Once a man hired my services. When we passed by a road which was not commonly used he insisted on me taking it saying that it was shorter. As we went along, we came across a deep valley wherein lay many murdered bodies. Here he dismounted and drew out a dagger while advancing towards me. I tried to flee but he chased me. After persuading him through different ways to spare my life, I finally asked him to allow me to perform two rakaats of salaah to which he agreed.

Commencing my salaah, I was unable to read and could not remember even one letter of the Quraan Majeed. Standing dumbstruck, with him hurrying me, Allah Ta‘ala allowed the following verse to come onto my tongue:

أَمَّن يُجِيبُ الْمُضْطَرَّ إِذَا دَعَاهُ وَيَكْشِفُ السُّوءَ

Who is the One Who responds to the distressed when he calls unto Him and removes the difficulty

Suddenly a horseman appeared with a spear which he threw directly at his heart resulting in him dropping dead. I held on to this horseman asking: ‘Who are you?’ He replied: ‘I am the messenger of the One Who responds to the distressed when he calls unto Him and removes the difficulty.’ Thereafter I took my mule and load and returned safely.” (Tafseer Ibni Katheer vol. 3 pg. 383)

Lesson: The only real solution to our problems is turning to the Being Who is in control of everything and Who responds to the distressed. We need to daily take out the time to sincerely beg from Allah Ta‘ala for our worldly needs as well as those that relate to our deen and Aakhirah.