Summary of Letter:

 باسمه تعالى
Respected Mufti Saheb
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

I do not have the enthusiasm and eagerness to do any work (and to complete my Tasbeehs, Tilaawat, etc.). I am forever in a state of uneasiness. Shaitaani thoughts and inclinations continue to bother me. Please advise me how to overcome this situation.

Summary of Reply:

 باسمه تعالى
Respected Brother/Sister
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Generally there are three reasons for such a condition overcoming a person:

  1. Inappropriate company — The condition described could be as a result of adopting the company of such people who themselves are not inclined towards Zikr, Islaah, etc.
  2. Consuming Haraam — Often due to a person consuming what was acquired in a Haraam manner, he is afflicted with this condition.
  3. Sins — A person is sometimes overcome by this problem due to having sinned.

Ponder deeply as to what the reason is in your case. Having determined the reason, remedy it immediately. Thereafter take a bath, perform two Rakaats of Salaatul Tawbah and remain on the Musallah for a long time making Istighfaar and repenting with utmost humility. Beseech Allah Ta’ala not to deprive you of taking his pure name and to forgive your sins. Having done this commence with your Ma’mulaat (daily devotional practices of Zikr, Tilaawat, etc.). The day you do not manage to fulfil your Ma’mulaat on time, delay your meals until you complete it. May Allah Ta’ala grant you Tawfeeq and constancy.

Was Salaam (Maktoobaat pg.86)