Once, Qari Siddeeq Ahmad Baandwi (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) was teaching Jalaalain Shareef which is a famous book of tafseer. When he came to the verse, “Hazrat Ya’qoob (‘alaihis salaam) had asked his sons in the last moments of his life, ‘What will you worship after I have left.’ They replied, ‘We will worship the Rabb that you and your forefathers, Hazrat Ebrahim, Hazrat Ismail and Hazrat Ishaaq (‘alaihimus salaam) had worshipped i.e. the Rabb of the entire world who is One and has no partner. We will remain firm in His obedience’” and “Hazrat Ebrahim (‘alaihis salaam) had advised his sons, ‘O my sons, Allah Ta‘ala has chosen for you this deen so do not die in any condition except that you are in Islam’.”

Qari Siddeeq Saheb (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) said that every person, before he passes away should be concerned whether his children are practicing on deen or not. What are they worshipping? What direction are they taking? This is what we should be concerned about. Nowadays people are worried about their children’s worldly needs and how will they cope materially after the parent’s demise. How will they earn? They worry about their homes and their businesses and hope to be at ease with regard to these things. The Ambiyaa (‘alaihimus salaam) however wished to be at ease with regards to their deen that after their demise they should not turn away from the true deen. They remain firm on the true deen till their dying day. It is in this condition, that we too should leave the world. Don’t ever leave the teachings of deen. (Hayaat-e-Siddeeq, pg. 270)