Hazrat Qari Siddeeq Ahmad Baandwi (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) used to say that the people of his hometown, Hatora had benefited tremendously from Hazrat Qaari ‘Abdur Rahmaan Paani Patti Saheb (rahmatullahi ‘alaih). People used to sit and benefit from his lectures. It was through his barakah that people began turning towards Deen. Even little children had the desire to worship Allah Ta‘ala.

Most of the people of the village were punctual on salaah. There was hardly a person who would miss out his salaah. The musjid would be filled with musallis. In Ramadhaan, the musjid would always remain filled with people who were engaged in zikr and tilaawah. At home the women would recite many paras of the Quraan Majeed daily. I had also seen this wonderful environment and it is through the barakah of this environment that Alhamdulillah, this enthusiasm was revived within us.

In those days the masaajid used to be occupied by the youth and children as well. They would compete with one another to come first to the musjid and recite the Quraan Majeed. Children will always be children and their actions will be childish. Thus they formed two groups and began competing with one another in coming first and calling out the azaan. Many a times they would take turns to sleep in the musjid. One of my friends was so enthusiastic that he began calling out the azaan before its time. People began rebuking him.

When Qari Siddeeq Saheb (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) used to explain this incident he would have a broad smile on his face and would say, “How wonderful was the environment in those days. What Deeni enthusiasm existed in the youth. No one even knew what was fighting and quarrelling. If they had to compete with one another then it was in ‘ibaadah and tilaawah. What a wonderful time that was. How sad it is that all of this is slowly coming to an end.”  (Hayaat-e-Siddeeq, pg. 36)