Without making an intention, the simplest of tasks seems difficult, whereas the moment we make an intention, then the most difficult of tasks are carried out with ease.

An example of this is of a man who is lying on his bed. Half of the night has passed and he is feeling extremely thirsty. But he does not have the courage to get up and drink some water. So he remains lying in bed feeling thirsty. However, at that very moment he receives a phone call from his bosom friend who requires his assistance. The man immediately jumps up from his bed, slips into some clothes and rushes out of the home. Despite the heavy rains outside and the slippery roads, he speeds off in his car in order to help his friend. A moment ago, the man could not take a few steps to fetch the water for himself, but here he is prepared to drive for kilometres on end. The difference is, in the first case, he did not intend to take those few easy steps whereas in the case of his friend, he was determined to help him.

Unfortunately nowadays, our intention is not Deen. Thus everything in Deen seems difficult for us. The moment we intend Deen, then salaah, purdah, etc. will become very easy to carry out.