Abbas bin Abdul Azeem al-Ambari reports: “I was seated in the company of Imaam Ahmad bin Hambal (rahmatullahi alaih) when Ali bin Madeeni (rahmatullahi alaih) came mounted on a conveyance. They debated regarding a certain issue until their voices raised and I feared that this will cause ill-feelings between them two. When Ali (rahmatullahi alaih) intended to leave, Imaam Ahmad (rahmatullahi alaih) stood up and held the stirrup of his conveyance.”

Yunus bin Abdul A`laa as-Sadafi (rahmatullahi alaih) – one of the special students of Imaam Shaafi`ee (rahmatullahi alaih) says: “I never saw anyone more intelligent than Imaam Shaafi`ee (rahmatullahi alaih). One day we debated regarding a certain mas’alah and then separated. Thereafter, Imaam Shaafi`ee (rahmatullahi alaih) met me, held my hand and said, ‘O Abu Moosa! Can’t we remain as brothers although we do not agree in even one mas’alah?”

Shaikh Muhammad Awwamah (hafizahullah) comments: “Consider his statement, ‘Although we do not agree in even one mas’alah.’ This means that our disagreeing in every issue should not affect the cordiality of our brotherhood.” (Adab-ul-Ikhtilaaf, p. 81, 82)