Imagine that one day a panel beater wakes up in the morning and he thinks to himself: “My entire life I have been working on car bodies, it is time I start working on human bodies.”  Acting on this thought of his, he opens a little surgery next to his workshop, where he boldly carries out open-heart surgery. And how does he do it? He simply places the patient on the workshop bench and next to him is the medical textbook lying open. He reads the first line, “cut there!” So he goes over to the patient’s chest and he cuts there. Then he reads the next instruction, “Put your hand in and take it out!” So he puts his hands in, but instead of taking out the heart, he pulls out the liver.Now who will go to a panel beater for a heart problem? Obviously we will search for the best heart specialist since it involves our health.

More important than our health is our Deen. We cannot take it from just any website, course, or seminar. We need to take guidance from qualified experienced Scholars of Deen who are completely committed to the Sunnah in every aspect of their life.