“O Allah, please help me to get an ‘A’. “O Allah, at least let me get a good pass.” “O Allah, save me from failing.”

These are some of the fervent du‘aas made in utmost humility at this time of the year. Many are aspiring for an ‘A’ while others are just praying that they do not fail. Together with fervently praying, thousands of learners burn the midnight oil, sacrifice many leisures and pleasures and toil hard to pass the exams or to excel. Let alone the learners, even their parents and other relatives are praying for their success.

Pass Away

While every learner is certainly encouraged to do his best, the reality of the success of the exams at school or university should never be forgotten. It is a very minute success with extremely temporary benefit. At the most, it will help one for some years to earn a living. In some cases, it is not even for a few days. Some people passed, celebrated, and passed away before the next morning. Therefore, while working hard to pass, never forget that one day one will also pass away. One should also prepare for that day.

Upon passing away, there will be an immediate exam in the grave. Every person will be questioned about who was his Rabb (Sustainer), what was his religion and he will be asked about the personality of Rasulullah (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam). The questions of this exam have not just been leaked – they have been openly announced. The answers however will be dependent on one’s actions in this world, not one’s knowledge. The one who obeyed Allah Ta‘ala will exclaim, “Rabbi Allah” (My Rabb is Allah Ta‘ala). The one who followed his desires against the commands of Allah Ta‘ala will say: “Alas, I do not know.” The same applies to the other questions.

Day of Judgement

Similarly, on the Day of Judgement there will be an exam. Every person will be questioned about how he spent his life, and specifically how he spent his youth, what was the manner of earning his wealth and where did he spend it and how much did he practise upon his knowledge. The results of this exam are serious. It is a matter of heaven or hell. May Allah Ta‘ala grant us Jannah and save us from Jahannum. Hence, never forget the main exam. Prepare for that NOW, since it could commence at any moment.

How will you Celebrate?

Furthermore, when the results of the miniscule exams are announced, how does one “celebrate”? By performing two rakaats of Salaatush Shukr (salaah of thanksgiving), giving sadaqah (charity) and pledging to Allah Ta‘ala to remain obedient to Him, or by participating in sinful parties and other vices? When the good news comes, will we forget Allah Ta‘ala, the One who we begged for help to pass? Will we stop going to the musjid and instead head for the clubs and vice dens??? It is indeed an occasion to cry, nay… to sob and shed tears of blood, if we express our joy in a manner that violates the commands of our Most Merciful and Most Kind Allah Ta‘ala who enabled us to pass. Moreover, we would be failing in the main exams if we celebrate our passing by engaging in sin.

May Allah Ta‘ala keep us steadfast on Deen and help us to pass the  exams in the grave and Hereafter, aameen.