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Winning the Heart of an Enemy


Tuesday, 20 December 2016 14:02

One person became extremely jealous against Hazrat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi Saheb (rahmatullahi ‘alaih). Eventually he began to openly display his enmity for Hazrat Mufti Saheb (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) and left no stone in displaying his resentment for the latter. He then even went to the extent of poisoning the minds of some gangster type people by feeding them false information and convinced them to help him assassinate Hazrat (rahmatullahi ‘alaih). He also announced the night on which this heinous deed will be carried out.

Normally Hazrat’s (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) door would be closed at night, but on this particular night Hazrat (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) left it open. An attendant wished to close the door but Hazrat (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) said, “Tonight is the night to leave it open.” What great tawakkul and reliance he had on Allah Ta‘ala that there was not even a shadow of fear. Some students who were aware of the situation volunteered to stand guard, but Hazrat (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) did not allow them to do so. The students were furious with the person who had made the threat, but Hazrat (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) strongly stopped them from taking revenge or saying anything harsh to him. Through Allah Ta‘ala’s grace and help, the person who made the threats did not get the courage to even make his way to Hazrat’s (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) room to carry out his evil intention.

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Qabooliyat (Acceptance)


Thursday, 27 October 2016 15:45

Once Hazrat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi Saheb (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) mentioned, “The main criterion of Allah Ta‘ala is qabooliyyat (acceptance). If a servant of Allah Ta‘ala is accepted in His sight then it is of no significance if anyone recognises him or not thereafter. On the contrary, if the people take someone and place him on their heads (out of respect for him) but he is rejected in the sight of Allah Ta‘ala, then of what benefit is this? The most important yardstick by Allah Ta‘ala is ittibaa’-e-Sunnat (following the sunnah).” (Hazrat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) – His life and works, pg. 47)


Drinking with the Right Hand


Tuesday, 16 February 2016 15:31

Hazrat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi Saheb (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) would become very upset if he saw any of his associates contradicting a sunnah. Once, on the dastarkhaan, an ‘aalim, who was a student of Hazrat (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) needed to drink water. He took the glass in his left hand and placing his right hand under the glass started drinking the water. Hazrat (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) was very upset with him and addressed him firmly, saying, “Don’t you have a right hand?” He replied, “Hazrat, my right hand was messed with food, and I did not wish to dirty the glass.” Hazrat (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) angrily said to him, “Is this glass more valuable than the sunnah?” Thereafter he demonstrated the method of holding the glass by saying, “Lick your fingers after eating and hold the bottom of the glass by making a circle with your shahaadah finger and the thumb.” (Hazrat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) – His life and works, pg. 119)


Simple Nikaah - Leading by Example


Tuesday, 26 January 2016 15:12

Hazrat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi Saheb (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) performed his daughter’s nikaah in Gangoh according to the sunnah without any customs and innovations. Her in laws requested for the “baaraat” to come over. (Baaraat refers to a large group of people from the boy’s party who come to the home of the bride.) Hazrat (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) replied, “No baaraat will come here. The purpose of the baaraat is to guard the jehez and I do not give any jehez. Hence no baaraat should come.” Thus the boy’s party then requested to bring about 10 people which Hazrat (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) allowed. Hazrat (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) did not call the entire family as a normal custom. He only invited a few relatives and performed his daughter’s nikaah in a very simple manner in exchange of the mahr-e-Faatimi. In this same simple manner Hazrat (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) performed his niece’s nikaah in Karachi.

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Love for the Quraan Majeed


Monday, 31 August 2015 15:29

There is a famous Arabic saying, “Whoever loves something, he will always speak about it.” Hazrat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi Saaheb (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) had such a relationship with the Quraan Majeed that its recitation was always on his tongue. The fire of the love of Allah Ta‘ala that burned in his heart was fuelled with the Quraan Majeed.

On journey too, Hazrat (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) would always remain engaged in the recitation of the Quraan Majeed. He used to recite slowly with tajweed and ponder over the deep meaning of the Quraan Majeed. He used to travel on foot from Sahaaranpur to Gangoh (which was 28 miles apart). Once, someone asked him, “How long does it take to travel to Gangoh?” He replied, “I don’t know of the time, but I can easily say that I read 20 to 22 paras in that time.” He would leave Sahaaranpur at fajr time and reach Gangoh well before jumu‘ah.” (Hazrat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) – His life and works, pg. 113)


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