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The ustad of Mulla Nizamuddeen


The first student to study the dars-e-nizami (syllabus implemented in the madrasahs) was Mulla Nizamuddeen Sahib Sahalwi. Some aspects of his teacher’s lesson would not be understood. Until then no commentaries for the kitabs were available, nor were there any footnotes written on these kitabs. He would then ask his ustad. When answering him his ustad would say, “This is Toosi’s view and this is the view of so and so.” He would take the name of the author of every kitab regarding which he was asked mention his view.

He once asked his ustad, “Hadhrat! You answer the questions spontaneously but why is it that when you are asked regarding a particular person (Toosi) you answer after some pause?”

He replied, “I have not formally studied any kitabs. Whenever a question is posed to me, I focus my attention to Allah Ta`ala and he then sends to me the souls of the various personalities regarding whom I am asked. I then ask the souls the questions and they answer me. As far as this person is concerned, he is in the seventh level of Jahannum and he is dragged all the way from there. Therefore, there is a delay when answering matters pertaining to him.”

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