A similar incident


Monday, 12 April 2010 22:37

Someone had come to Moulana Madni Rahmatullahi Alayhi pretending to be extremely sincere and began massaging Moulana’s feet. This resulted in Moulana feeling sleepy. Thinking this to be an ideal opportunity, this person woke up, pulled out Moulana’s wallet and left. Moulana had all this while pretended to be asleep.

On yet another occasion, Moulana had travelled to a certain place. After meals Moulana pulled off his sherwani and hung it before resting. Someone came in and very skilfully stole the money that was in the sherwani. In the meanwhile this was the only money that Moulana had carried with him. Thus, Moulana was forced to borrow some money to complete his journey.

However, this person was so impressed that he never went back to stealing again. This (silent treatment) is also a method of islaah but in doing so one is required to put oneself into difficulty.