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Purpose of muraaqabah (contemplation)


Q: Did you ever see the condition of Moulana Radha Ahmad Khan whilst making muraaqabah?

A: Is muraaqabah made to inspect the faults of others. Muraaqabah is not made for this purpose but it is done for one to reflect over one’s sins and to think of a method in which one will be able to make taubah (repent) for it. Nevertheless, I do not speak against him nor have I said anything that would bring disrepute to him. His followers may speak ill of me but I will not respond.

Q: One buzurg had mentioned that Moulana Ahmad Radha Khan had such a high level of `ishq (love) for Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam that it is possible that Allah Ta`ala will forgive him on account of this love.

A: Yes. One should not say anything regarding Allah Ta`ala. However, one always has the right of saying the truth.

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