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Method of musaalahat (reconciliation)


When two parties resolve in reconciling then it is necessary for each of them to realise that he had committed errors and trampled the rights of the opposite party which is contrary to the teachings of Allah Ta`ala and His Rasul Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam and that its punishment is severe. Thereafter one should be remorseful for one’s actions and should be prepared to compensate the other party irrespective of the amount of sacrifice one will have to undergo. If this is the type of eagerness that one has at heart then this is a genuine musaalahat which will be the means to the end of the dispute and drawing the mercy of Allah Ta`ala. However, if this is not the cause for them reconciling, but rather due to some external force like greed, fear, disrepute or the fear of disgrace then this is not a genuine musaalahat but mukhaada`at (deception). Each party will attempt to deceive the next and the basis of their dispute will not be eliminated. Instead, it will settle deeper into their hearts and the outcome of this is obvious.
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