An unfaithful mureed


Tuesday, 13 April 2010 21:36

Someone had told me:

Person: I have written a book on tasawwuf.

Mufti Sahib: Very good. Person: I am searching for a shaikh. Mufti Sahib: You had first written a book on tasawwuf and you are only searching for a shaikh now.

Person: I am searching for a shaikh who can inform me of the things in my heart.

Mufti Sahib: In that case you should excuse our akaabir (elders).

He stayed for a few days as my guest and would join me for meals at Hadhrat Shaikh’s house. In the meantime Hadhrat Moulana Ilyaas Rahmatullahi Alayhi had arrived. Whilst seated at the dastarkhan he told Moulana, “I wish to become your mureed.” Hadhrat Shaikh intervened and said, “You are holding onto the garment of a traveller. If you intend taking bay`at at his hands then go to Nizamuddeen.”

Moulana Ilyaas lowered his head and after raising his head he said, “I heard an incident of a guru (leader) and his chelas (followers). A person had come to this guru and observed that he was seated on cushions and surrounded by attendants from all sides. He enquired from someone seated there:

Observer: Who is this person?

Person: He is the guru.

Observer: What work does he do?

Person: If he has any need he orders his chelas and they fulfil his need. Sometimes he becomes angry and gets annoyed with them.

Observer: (Pointing to the chelas) Who are these people around him?

Person: They are the chelas.

Observer: What do they do?

Person: They serve their guru. If he needs flour they make it available and they provide him with his firewood. In short, they fulfil all his requirements. On hearing this the observer said, “I had initially desired to become a chela but now I desire to become a guru.”

After relating this incident Moulana Ilyaas Rahmatullahi Alayhi said, “Previously, the chelas desired to become gurus. Nowadays they desire to become Allah i.e. they desire that the sifaat (qualities) of Allah should settle in them once they take bay`at.

I (Hadhrat Mufti Sahib) had then felt that the thief from within had been apprehended. Thereafter, Moulana Ilyaas addressed this person, “Mia Zakariyya has given the correct suggestion. Come to me and both of us will be able to inspect each another. We will then decide what to do.”

After this Moulana Ilyaas Rahmatullahi Alayhi had left for Delhi and Moulana Raipuri Rahmatullahi Alayhi arrived. This guest of mine sat by Moulana and requested Moulana to allow him to take bay`at. Hadhrat Shaikh told me, “Muftijee! Your guest is very unfaithful.” I replied, “Does any good person come to me? My guest is like me.”

Thereafter, this person had taken bay`at at the hands of Hadhrat Raipuri Rahmatullahi Alayhi.