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Propagation of the kalimah through a jogi


A buzurg in Delhi had trained his mureed. After noticing that his mureed had become well grounded he instructed him to go to Multan for the propagation of Islam.

Filled with youthful vigour and zeal he set out on foot until he reached Paanipat. There lived a jogi along the path who would attack the hearts of the Muslims passing by through his tasarruf (spiritual powers). He learnt of this person passing by and began to focus his tasarruf towards him but to no avail. The jogi approached him and asked, “Who are you? Where are you going and what do you say?”

He replied, “I am a Muslim and I am going to Multan. I say the kalimah LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAHU.” He recited the kalimah with such force that it affected the jogi to the extent that he lost his sanity. He ran away from there and began to tell whoever he met, “Do not go in that direction. There is a person who is going to Multan and he says LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAHU. Do not listen to him.” Initially, he had tried to stop him and snatch away his Imaan but he eventually became the means of spreading the kalimah.

On the other end, the shaikh perceived what had transpired and he was not pleased. In the meantime, the mureed no longer perceived the spiritual strength that he was accustomed to.

Hence, instead of proceeding further he returned to his shaikh. When he reached Delhi the shaikh reprimanded him, “I did not send you to propagate along the way. I sent you to propagate in Multan.” He then instructed the mureed to remain with him for a chilla (forty days) wherein he underwent more training. Thereafter, he was sent to Multan. After reaching Multan he began propagating Deen and approximately eighty thousand people accepted Islam at his hands. How much of faiz (blessings) he must have received.

These personalities had understood that whatever abilities and skills they have received are only to be utilised in propagating Deen. This is the truth of the matter that whatever strength a Muslim is endowed with, be it natural, physical, monetary or spiritual, they all will have to be utilised for the cause of Deen.

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