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Practices for reforming the heart


Q: What actions should students and non-students adopt for reforming themselves?

A: Students consider themselves to be exempt from all laws and rules. A tableeghi jamaat from Bangladesh had come to a certain musjid. A student studying there knew one of the members of the jamaat and he visited him. They continued talking until the `Asr azaan was called out. The student then stood up and began walking away. I told him, “Where are you going? The azaan has already been called out. It is prohibited to leave the musjid after the azaan has been called out.” He replied, “Is it prohibited for us students as well?”

Similarly, a group of students were once talking in the rooms on the southern section of the Musjid. When it was time to sleep one of the students climbed onto the roof of the musjid and crossed over using the roof of the musjid as a pathway. I told him, “You have crossed over the musjid.” He replied, “Is the prohibition applicable to students as well?”

These poor students are not prepared to accept the laws. Do you want to go any further and enquire about their habits and behaviour?”


Q: I wanted to know what should students do to reform themselves?

A: Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam had told Anas Radhiyallahu Anhu:

(O my son! If you are able to pass the morning and evening without harbouring any malice for others then do so, for this is my sunnat (way of life). And whoever loves my sunnat loves me and whoever loves will be with me in Jannah.)

Nowadays students are required to adopt something very easy and simple and that is that they should not eat to their stomach’s full.(Tirmizi [Mishkaat 30/1)

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