`Ibaadat is carried out to acquire Jannat and the fear of Jahannum prevents one from sinning


Friday, 16 April 2010 23:03

It is recorded regarding Hadhrat Rabiah Basriyyah that at times she would go into a frenzy and get up saying that my real beloved (Allah Ta`ala) is displeased with me. There is no message or greeting or a fever or cold from Allah.

Once she got up carrying a bundle of straw and a pitcher of water saying, “I am going to set Jannat alight with this straw. Is Allah Ta`ala worshipped for earning Jannat? His being is totally independent. `ibaadat should be carried out for Him alone. With this pitcher of water I will extinguish the fire of Jahannum. The fear of Jahannum should not prevent us from sinning. Rather, His being is such that we should fear Him alone.”