Monday, 03 May 2010 19:53

Q: A du`aa made using the ism-e-a`zam is accepted. I would like to know the ism-e-a`zam.

A: The name of Allah Ta`ala that is taken when a person is in a state of total helplessness is the ism-e-a`zam. For example, when a person is drowning or engulfed by a raging fire and he calls out to Allah in this state of distress then the name he uses for Allah Ta`ala at this moment is the ism-e-a`zam. Nevertheless, the `ulama and mashaayikh generally say that the word ألله - Allah is the ism-e-a`zam. During the lifetime of Hadhrat Raipuri Rahmatullahi Alayhi there was a person by the name of Moulana Wajid Ali sahib who used to experience kashf-e-quboor (able to see conditions of the inmates of the grave). Hadhrat Raipuri would enquire from him regarding his kashf (inspiration). He had once told me that the word ألله is the ism-e-a`zam and that Hadhrat Mikaeel Alayhis Salaam had informed him of this.