Difference Between The Actions of The Mubtadi`een (innovators) And The Practices of The Sufis


Tuesday, 04 May 2010 20:15

Q: What is the difference between the actions of the mubtadi`een and the practices of the Sufis?

A: Study the correspondence between Hadhrat Gangohi and Hadhrat Thanwi that appears in Tazkirat-ur-Rasheed. In short, the mubtadi`een consider their actions to be part of Imaan i.e. they consider it to be necessary. As for the Sufis they do not regard their practices to be in the rank of a fardh (compulsory) act. Instead, they consider it to be recommendable. In fact, if they feel that it is not necessary they abandon it and at times they even regard it to be impermissible. (This is understood from the following incident.)