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Another Incident With Regards to Tasarruf-e-Baatini


There was once a thief who was involved in theft for a long time until he became weak and frail. He consulted his companions and they suggested several types of occupations but each one required that he spend some money. On the other hand he did not wish to spend money, but rather collect money. Eventually, the thought came to mind that he should become a sufi.

Hence, he pretended to be a sufi.Whoever came to him he would accept him for bay`at and prescribe something for him to recite. In the meanwhile two sincere people came to him. They began to follow his instructions and progressed until they reached the very high ranks of piety and proximity to Allah Ta`ala. They examined the ranks of the various mashaayikh but they were unable to find the rank of their shaikh. Finally, they came up to him and said, “We have seen the ranks of the different mashaayikh but we are unable to see Hadhrat’s rank whereas it is through your blessings that Allah Ta`ala has conferred to us this treasure.”

On hearing this tears swelled in the eyes of the thief and he said, “O my brothers, you are searching for my rank in the presence of Allah Ta`ala whereas I hold no value in the sight of Allah. I am a thief.” He related his background to them and began to cry profusely until the mureeds realised what had happened and they also began crying. The mureeds then made tasarruf on him as a result of which they elevated him to a high rank. This is tasarruf-e-baatini.

Q: Will a person to whom Allah Ta`ala bestows the ability of tasarruf-e-baatini be able to make tasarruf as and when he wishes?

A: A blade will be able to cut as long as Allah Ta`ala wishes, otherwise not.

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