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Benefit and loss is in the control of Allah Ta`ala


There was news of a certain place being struck by a drought resulting in all the crops being destroyed. On the other hand, I received news from another area that there was an abundance of rain which the ground was unable to absorb causing the water to remain stagnant on the ground. This rendered the crops in that area useless.

In that very same year I travelled to Bhaawalpur in Punjab and I observed that the fields were lush and the crops were ready for harvesting. There was no shortage of rain nor was there excessive rain. However, there was nobody to harvest the fields because the labourers were affected by a severe bout of fever. Allah Ta`ala causes those things to fail on which people place their reliance. Similarly, those things that are considered to be beneficial Allah Ta`ala allows it to become destructive as well.

(Just as full reliance was placed on the labourers they had all taken ill causing the crops to become worthless. Likewise, rain is considered to be a source of blessing but Allah Ta`ala had made it destructive and ruined the crops.)

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