The meaning of a poem


Molwi Haamid Mia Sahib, a lecturer in Darul Uloom Deoband asked Hadhrat: “What is the meaning of the following Persian poem:

If your shaikh instructs you to soak your musallah in wine then do so for the saalik is unfamiliar with the system and method of this path.

Hadhrat replied: “One who has reached the level of kamaal (perfection) in `ilm (knowledge), `amal, taqwa, righteousness and akhlaaq (good character) etc. will not command others to do something that is in conflict with the shari`ah. Therefore, obey him even though his instructions might apparently seem contradictory to the shari`ah. However, nowadays there are many who boast about themselves yet very few prove themselves to be correct.

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