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Shah `Abdul `Azeez Saheb questioned regarding the above-mentioned poem


Once, a student asked Shah `Abdul `Azeez Sahib رحمة الله عليه the meaning of the poem mentioned above. One night, Shah Sahib instructed him to visit a certain brothel and he also gave him the necessary fee that he needed to pay for the hiring of a woman. The student was astounded and in utter bewilderment over Shah Sahib’s instruction. Shah Sahib instructed him again and he was now forced to obey his command. He took his musallah (prayer mat) along. When he reached the brothel he spread out his musallah and spent the entire night in nafl salaah.

The next morning when he returned, Shah Sahib asked him, “How did you spend the night?” The student explained to him what he had done and for the second time Shah Sahib instructed him to visit the brothel. The student complied with his command and went. On the second night as well the student spent the entire night in nafl salaah and returned the next morning.

On the third night Shah Sahib sent him again to the brothel. However, on this occasion the student shortened his salaah and decided to fathom the entire situation as to what Shah Sahib was intending. After completing his salaah he folded his musallah and placed it onto one side. All of a sudden he heard a voice of crying out in distress. As he entered the quarters he found a woman crying out. When he asked her the reason for crying she replied:

Woman: “My chastity was protected until today. Now I am concerned because I have noticed that you have completed your salaah very quickly.”

Student: “If you are so concerned about your chastity then why are you here? This is a place for immoral women.”

Woman: “I was married to a young man and as our wedding procession was travelling a group of hijackers attacked us and I was abducted by them and sold to this brothel.”

The student then enquired about her whereabouts, her parents’ names and her husband’s name etc. It was then that he realised that she was his missing wife.

Woman: “Where do you now stay?”

Student: “After the hijackers had attacked our wedding procession I proceeded to Shah Sahib and began studying under him.”

Thereafter, they began to live honourably as husband and wife.

The next morning when he came to Shah Sahib, Shah Sahib realised what had unfolded upon seeing the student’s face and asked him, “Have you now understood the meaning of the poem?” He replied, “Yes, I have thoroughly understood it.”

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