What is the law with respect to holding the belief of tasarruf i.e. believing that someone besides Allah Ta`ala controls the universe?[1]



It is kufr (disbelief) to believe that anyone besides Allah Ta`ala has the power of controlling the affairs of the universe. One needs to distance himself from such beliefs.


[1] Another answer to this that is given in Sharh-ul-`Aqaaid (pg 79) is that the questioner is confused because of being unable to differentiate between qadha and muqtadha.

Qadha (judgement) is a quality of Allah that is also called iraadah (intention). 

One needs to be pleased with this. Kufr is a quality of a kaafir and the result of qadha. To be pleased with this (result) is kufr

The kuffaar are not pleased with qadha (Allah’s quality), but with the muqtadha (result) i.e. kufr. In short, they are not pleased with what they ought to be pleased with. Instead, they are pleased with something that to be pleased with it is kufr. Therefore, they will be punished.

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