Is kufr decreed?


Objection: Why are the disbeliever's punished for their disbelief when it is predestined?  
Answer: In a debate with an Aryan, Moulana Murtadha Hasan Sahib Chandpoori rahmatullahi alayhi was asked if he accepts the principle:

 فعل الحكيم لايخلو عن الحكمة

 i.e. The action of Wise Being is not void of wisdom

Moulana replied in the negative. Allamah Anwar Shah Kashmiri rahmatullahi alayhi, who was present, asked Moulana as to why he denied such an accepted principle. Moulana replied, "If I had accepted it, then the Aryan would have said that disbelief is the action of Allah Ta`ala which is not void of wisdom. What answer would I have then given. Furthermore this is not a verse of the Quran. (so it will not amount to sin if I deny it.) "
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