Taqdeer (Pre-Destination)


Wednesday, 17 October 2007 14:09

A teacher at Madrasah Khadimul Islaam, Hapur, enquired, "Hadhrat! Apparently some ayaat (verses) of the Qur'aan show that the servant is majboor (compelled) and this substantiates the view of the Jabariyya sect. The answers given by the Ahlus-Sunnah are unsatisfactory and there still remains confusion in the belief of taqdeer".

Hadrat Mufti Sahib replied, "In Mishkat Shareef (v1 p22) Hadhrat Abu Hurairah r.a reports that once Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam had come to them whilst they were discussing the belief of taqdeer. On hearing them Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam became so angry that his blessed countenance turned red and then he said,

* 'Is this what you have been commanded with or was I commissioned with this? Those before were destroyed once they began discussing the belief of taqdeer. I command you not to discuss the belief of taqdeer".

# Thereafter Hadrat Mufti Sahib remarked:

"This world is despicable and perishable. Everything on it is also to perish. The time for its destruction has been fixed and until then it will remain beneficial. Beyond that it will be of no use. Take for example power and strength. If someone is asked to carry a hundred kilograms of stone, you will say that he does not have the strength to carry it. Or if someone is asked to read something written on a wall two hundred metres away, you will say that his sight is not so strong. Similarly if one is asked to buy a incredibly expensive item, you will say that he does not have enough money. In short, these three things viz. sight, strength and money reached their limitations. Everybody agrees with there being a limitation to strength and wealth. Intelligence is similar, in that it reaches its limit and cannot perceive anything beyond that. Thus there are certain things that are imperceptible and one will simply have to accept it.

Regard the belief of taqdeer to be from those beliefs that ones understanding cannot fully grasp. Hence there is no need to understand nor explain it. It is necessary to believe in it without full understanding. Just as one acknowledges being deficient in every other sphere, by the same token one needs to admit being deficient even in intelligence and reasoning.