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Proof for two Sajdahs in Salah


Question: I have heard that the reason for there being two sajdahs in namaz is that when the angels together with Iblees were commanded to make sajdah, Iblees did not make sajdah. When the malaa'ikah raised their heads from the sajdah they saw that Iblees was still standing. Thus the angels went in to sajdah for the second time. 


Answer:It appears in the books of fiqh that one sajdah is proven from the Qur'an and the second is established from Ijma (consensus of the ummat.) Iblees had clearly opposed the command of Allah and said:

انا خير منه خلقتنى من نار وخلقته من طين
"I am better than Adam. You have created me from fire and created him from sand."

Fire is superior to sand. How can I make sajdah to him! Thus Iblees had attempted to present evidence in order to oppose the command of Allah. This is kufr (disbelief). That is why it is said :
اول من قاس ابليس
"Iblees was the very first person to use analogy against the command of Allah."

Evidence is recognized in shari`a in order to support a law and apply it to another case. Iblees had presented evidence to break the command of Allah. That is why it is kufr.
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