Taqdeer (Pre-destination) cannot be understood


Thursday, 18 October 2007 00:47

Someone enquired, "Hazrat! If a person says that he will not believe in taqdeer until it is fully explained to him and he is satisfied with the explanation then how should it be explained to him?"

Hadrat replied, "What answer will you give to a person who says that he will not bring iman unless he lifts up an object two hundred kilos in weight? Or what answer will you give to someone who says that I will not become a Muslim unless ten kilos of food enters my stomach?"


The questioner replied, "Hadrat! These things are impracticable. How can it be an answer to that person!"
Hadrat then said, "The belief of taqdeer is beyond comprehension. It is sheer foolishness to suspend iman on being able to comprehend taqdeer. Like how strength is limited and only a certain weight, not more than that, can be lifted. Vision is also restricted and one is able to see to only a certain distance and not beyond that. Human appetite is also limited and one is able to eat to ac ertain extent and beyond that his stomach will not be able to take anything. Similarly, human intelligence has limitations. The intelligence may be used to a certain limit and not beyond that. Some things can be understood and some things are such that intelligence cannot grasp. The issue of taqdeer is from those things that are beyond human comprehension.